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The grass of Replica Chloe Bags Roy Bucket was just planted, and now it has been grown by ysl loulou. Yang Mi ’s favorite it bag is so tempting! Recently, there are many ysl loots in the show. There are classic models and more new faces. You are more interested, such as yslniki, vicky, loulou. Have you found this name to be very friendly, and if you look at the contacts, there are several names with the same name, especially Loulou, sounds like a cute little Nizi.

A generation muse loulou, a woman who loves fashion masters. Maybe you do not know yet, loulou was the inspiration muse of the ysl designer at the time, and was seen by Yves Saint Laurent. At that time, a woman holding a cigarette always appeared in ysl posters, wearing a classic and unruly classic image. Every move will show the charm of the intoxicating Parisian woman to the fullest. Now ysl has a series of her name, and it should pay tribute to this inspirational muse!

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The YSL loulou series has two bag styles, one is the chain envelope bag Replica Chloe Handbags Aby Crocodile Embossed Tote Bag, which looks very similar to the ysl messenger bag. However, this bag has a characteristic, the style design is a little thick, maybe the bag itself is small in size, only to appear thick, so people feel fat and cute, more cute! The leather material is very soft, and the leather material is very smooth and delicate. With the stitching pattern, it has a bulging effect like bread.

Replica Chloe Handbags

The envelope flap bag also comes with a star badge, which is more special. The other is a tote Replica Chloe Handbags. Rarely, this small size tote bag is very useful and effective! However, both are chain bags, and the chic ysl logo, as well as the stitching pattern, are also a tone.

This Replica Chloe Bags is very suitable for casual dressing, but also can match a bit of handsome woman taste, put on a bright blue suit, the young and handsome image stands out, the refreshing bright color can play a good effect of age reduction.

Replica Chloe Handbags

The small chain Replica Chloe Bag is very fashionable, with beautiful dresses and white skirts, all kinds of cool summer clothes. And there are many ways to match it, you can shoulder it, you can cross it, there is a small belly, there is meat on the waist, you can also use it to cover it.

Replica Chloe Handbags

The shoulder strap can be removed, and the ancient silver hardware details are engraved with the YSL logo. The low-key handsome ysl bag is a dark horse in the French luxury industry. The new series shows a sense of vividness and also reflects the brand connotation. I will not regret choosing the YSL LOULOU series. The low-key style, practicality and matching clothes have many advantages, especially the exquisite hand-made details can be regarded as a model of luxury brands.

Replica Chloe Pixie Medium Round Leather Shoulder Bag Caramel

In addition to these two popular models, the rest is more traditional British-style replica bags tote, because the size is relatively small, the shape is relatively less modern, so usually not so useful back, but cost-effective!

Replica Chloe Handbags Pixie Medium Round Leather Shoulder Bag Caramel Although it looks very ordinary, but in fact super-beautiful colors, especially the green one, the upper body is very bright! The DK88 series doctor’s bag looks like a small square box, this handle looks like people want to hold, rounded arc, it is full of three-dimensional, exquisite workmanship to buy a collection is not bad!

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The DK88 series of travel bags, in addition to good-looking look is good-looking, but also crocodile skin material, a very shiny sense of the crocodile leather with calf, plus texture! Business blues black color really no boys do not like it!

There is also a cost-effective travel bag, made of calfskin material, in the “orange” price. , Wu Yifan Burberry show is mentioned when this travel bag, travel bag, but Burberry’s popular style! The DK88 series biggest advantage is that cost-effective! Whether it is workmanship, style, craft which aspects are very hard, there are many good color combinations can choose, the captain was a cousin that a thorough grass!

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Replica Chloe Bags under creative director Clare Waight Keller, soft medium has just distributed a French romantic. Every season is impressive, with the opening of the 2017 autumn and winter fashion show, the perfect ending for Clare Waight Keller over the past six years.

She not only successfully created the image of Replica Chloe Handbags girl, hot handbags from its handbag style too numerous to mention, since the launch is still very popular, in the farewell fashion show, she added a letter to the handbag series “Pixie” round Contour Pixie handbags, modeling very lovable, leather scraping leather light leather portfolio, so that the level of handbag enriched instantly.

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Sunshine shiny oily shiny glowing luster, echoed with the metal bracelet, earth color soft colors, especially for the autumn and winter. Clare Waight Keller Chloe girl successfully create the image of Replica Chloe Bags girl, the hot handbags from the list of handbags too numerous to mention: Drew design simplicity, an endless stream of Faye, Hudson large-capacity and casual style has been very popular since its introduction. In the farewell fashion show, she added a letter to the handbag series “Pixie”, autumn and winter will be hot buy.

Round shape Pixie replica handbags, modeling very lovable, leather skins mix of light and dumb leather, but also to enrich the level of handbags. Variety of colors to choose this idea, but also to teach people not to choose which one is good.

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In addition to the Pixie, which can be used both in the back and in the hand, there is another version of the Pixie in the show that is very eye-catching. The whole handbag is surrounded by a round metal ring, while the metal handle is decorated with a small leather strap that can be used on the back of the shoulders. The model of the bridge on the demonstration, the strap around in your hand, but also the whole type.

Not loving friends, but also consider this Hobo shape Pixie, the effect is completely different. Neat minimalist, strong sense of line, easy to stretch the leg line! Needless to wear off, set into it! Upper leather, sheepskin inside, double thickened leather design!

Replica Chloe Kurtis Medium Leather Studded Shoulder Bag

CHLOE new KURTIS BAG Following a series of bags into a hottest fashion darling, Replica Chloé Handbags and create this “Kurtis” shoulder bag, once launched immediately on the top of the trend. It uses suede leather and leather and dotted with large gold rivets and brand logo ring ring hardware accessories. Equipped with two mezzanine, can just accommodate your daily necessities smooth leather fight matte skin, fog gray, wine red, caramel color.

Small bag is the biggest trend in recent years, compared to tens of thousands of big-name mini-replica bag tote, Chloe Kurtis Medium Leather Studded Shoulder Bag Light Gray Marcie is really big in the king of the price. Bags are calfskin texture, the surface has a clear grain texture, but feels very soft leather. Bag height is equivalent to half of the magazine, exquisite small retro style is one of its biggest bright spot.

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The bag brand is also a full year of effort, from the practical, color, identification and other aspects of the next foot of the effort, or take the classic wild “Evergreen” line, or to exquisite appearance to win, Can be described as “connotation” and “high value” of the replica bag tote of the dispute. Seal Jun also from the 2015 “tyrants rate” the highest, most fans and street shoots in the occupation of large tracts of rivers and lakes in the bag selected 20 popular replica bag tote models, come see you in the end is the value of school or connotation control it The

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Chloe home replica bag tote is always very practical, it is practical to have a very important reason is that it is always the same bag with a few sizes, so you have to choose, want to be small or can be equipped with you.

Chloe two of the IT replica bag tote – Drew, Faye, sister who have been most want to have one of the bags, and 5 sister found this year, the heat of the two bags did not diminish the meaning of the majority of Chinese and foreign fashion bloggers Or stars are back, is definitely a wild good replica bag tote.

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Idol star is Fashion Icons, supermodel buyers is also a fashion pioneer, more and more diversified fashion circles, we all show their own personality, but did not expect, we even in a single product on this Good tacit, it is – saddle bag.

As the name implies, the saddle bag is designed according to the shape of the saddle and the bike sitting stool, born with retro romantic and personality uninhibited features, unconsciously reminiscent of unrestrained adventure of the 1970s. Most of the “U” -shaped profile saddle bag in recent quarters began to re-by the designer and fashion influx of people and idol star’s favor, it is being interpreted out of the style.

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chloe Chloe every time a new replica bag tote will be some sensation, the sister as a welfare chloe bag, this time is not a red pig bag, nor faye, but a new catwalk replica bag tote Nile chloe bag, semicircle Like a boat like a boat, the line is both soft and lovable, brass metal ring handle and rivets decorated with a sense of modern, this million fans quickly attracted to Yang Mi, Gu Linaza, high round, many star supermodel have started, keen fashion fame of the sister who have to be captured the heart of the bar, fashionable and lovely semi-circular Nile chloe how beautiful?