Replica Burberry The Banner Red Calf Leather Stitching Vintage Bag Tote

After a whole day of heavy rain, I have no choice but to stay at home for a whole day. Today I recommend a bag with high cost performance and a girl’s heart. It is a small and large-capacity Replica Burberry Bags.

Replica Burberry Handbags The Banner Red Calf Leather Stitching Vintage Bag Tote has the advantage of super capacity. I bought this mini size. Although it is a small bag, it is not small in size and has a large amount of belly. You can put an iphone7 plus, a card pack, a glasses case, a mobile power supply, a car key, an eye drop, a cc air cushion, a lipstick, a perfume, a makeup spray, and a box of sugar. Was it completely shocked by its capacity!

Replica Burberry Handbags

If you put these things completely, you can even buckle them. You don’t have to worry about putting so many things and it will be difficult to see. As a small Replica Burberry Handbags, but with such a large capacity, it is a weapon for the girls to go out. The girl who likes to carry the small bag does not have to worry about the small bag and can’t put anything.

This Replica Burberry Bags is not only high enough, but also super practical. Portable, one-shoulder or cross-slung, look at the mood with a random back. And as shown in the strap detail of Figure 4, this bag has five holes on the back, which is very convenient to adjust the length of the strap. Whether it is a petite girl or a long-legged beauty, you can find the length you want.

Replica Burberry Handbags

Super multi-color size, there is always one for you! This Baner Replica Burberry Bag has a total of three sizes, mini, small and medium. Because I am short, I feel that the mini is just right, and this size is good for both the squat and the hand. A girl who wants to pack more things can consider the trumpet, and if he wants to be more formal, he can consider the medium.

Then the color of this Replica Burberry Handbag is super and very nice! ! I chose this color because I didn’t have a very light bag and this cherry blossom powder was full of girls. There are also black, big red, bright pink and various color combinations, which meet the needs of all ages.

Replica Burberry Handbags

The details are full, this bag is really full of sincerity, the reason why it is cost-effective, can not be separated from its small details. The shoulder straps are intimately set with two small buckles that hold the underlying shoulder straps nicely and won’t let it curl up.

The portable part is intimately provided with a slidable button that can be used to fasten the two handles for easy handling and safety. The bottom of the bag is intimately set with the pad nails, so you can boldly put the bag casually, without worrying about damage to the underlying skin.

Replica Burberry Handbags

Durable and durable, in the end, although this color feels very dirty, it is very dirty and very resistant. As a rough girl, it is common to throw bags and mess things, but this bag has really been unharmed. All in all, this bag is recommended for everyone who wants sweet potatoes to like, not only high value, but also very easy to use!