Replica Dior Saddle Oblique Jacquard Canvas Belt Bag

As for why I thought of using the saddle as a prototype, it is speculated that it was inspired by the “Saddle” in the Helmut Newton series of Sleepless Nights. It seems that the real saddle pedal is also D-like, and the shape of the bag is also similar A big C. The Dior Saddle Bag is inspired by Dior’s initial letter D, which resembles a human kidney, and the price is not affordable by the average person. Replica Dior Handbags Saddle Bag can be said to be a veritable kidney bag. Foreign fashionistas mock the DIOR Saddle Oblique Jacquard Canvas Belt Bag is a kidney bag.

However, a very hot American drama helped it that year-the third season of “Sex and the City” began. In episode 5, the protagonist Carrie Bradshaw with a simple shape, with printed Saddle, which laid the saddle bag’s status in the fashion world, saddle replica bags has also officially entered the public’s vision.

Replica Dior Handbags

In 2003, the hot It girl Paris Hilton was still the most popular celebrity celebrity, Kim Kardashian was the little escort next to her. At that time, her favorite bag was the saddle bag, whether it was an event or a party saddle bag. body.

The saddle bag, which has always been hot, also launched the extended series of Gaucho style, Mini style, and Messenger style in 2006. To celebrate his tenth spring and autumn season in Replica Dior Bags, John Galliano specially redesigned Saddle Bag and grandly launched 12 limited edition saddle bags, each representing a country. China uses embroidered dragon patterns as patterns.

Replica Dior Handbags

More regrettably, in the third year of Saddle’s silence, in 2011, John Galliano left Replica Dior Handbags, and the saddle bag was discontinued. Since then, Saddle has faded out of sight. Many people who want to buy it can only “take luck” in the vintage shop, and the price will naturally rise.

Sensitive Chiuri smelled this fanatical “retro trend”, she realized that consumers will definitely buy for the best-selling classics of the past, and began her journey of innovation and tribute. This time, she looked at Dior’s presbyopia. Chiuri is constantly searching and researching in the historical treasures of Replica Dior Bag. She wants the symbols of the Dior family to be innovative in the inheritance, so that when people mention presbyopia in the future, they can also think of Dior’s old flower feelings like Gucci and Goyard.

Replica Dior Handbags

Metal accessories are also a detail of Saddle: the bag cover hangs a large Replica Dior Handbag initial D; the shoulder strap is connected with the body of the bag, which is a huge CD. The metal connection is exaggerated and has a sense of refinement, which is very aura. However, the new version of the saddle bag is not a simple replica of the original version. In addition to the original short bag strap, you can also equip yourself with a long shoulder strap, which is convenient for cross-back or back, or on the chest, it looks more There is a relaxed and casual sense of fashion.