Valentino CANDYSTUD Lambskin Rivet Shoulder Messenger Bag

Every spring and summer fashion show, Replica Valentino Handbags is a fashion woman must pay attention to, know what color is popular in this spring and summer Valentino? The glamorous Valentino dress, the women who love the big bags have something new to look forward to?

When you mention Replica Valentino Bags CANDYSTUD Lambskin Rivet Shoulder Messenger Bag, what is your first thought? Is it a romantic and elegant dress? Although these are the representative elements and pieces of Valentino, the latest season, the first thing I mentioned about Valentino is the colorful candy rivets, this super cute Valentino Candystud!

Replica Valentino Handbags

Candystud first appeared in the Replica Valentino Handbags 2018 spring and summer show. At the time I saw this bag, I liked the full leather of this bag, and it was very cute! It seems to be just a plain plaid, but a closer look reveals that it has no obvious stitching, but instead uses capitonn√©’s craft and fixed it with rivets to create this very full padding effect.

This kind of design feels very good to feel, and it makes people feel satisfied! Especially with colored rivets, it gives a feeling of very few women. Moreover, this replica bag tote is more than the previous Valentino bag, plus a Top Handle single handle design, so the lady’s bag type, more strengthen this girly.

Replica Valentino Handbags

The lock of this bag is designed with three-dimensional rivets, which looks very delicate, and the metal is so strong and sharp design that it is in stark contrast to the cute image of the bag. Ice cream-colored rivets, the handle of this bag is relatively long, and the method of taking it is also changed a lot. The hand can pass through and be taken as a handbag, so the effect is cool. At the same time, this bag is also equipped with an adjustable length shoulder strap, so it can also be shoulder-back.

Replica Valentino Handbags

There are also rivets on the shoulder strap. Compared to pure functionality, Candystud’s shoulder straps are a good decorative piece. And there is a small bag in the back of the bag, you can easily put small things like passport, subway card, invoice. Don’t look at this bag is designed to be young and young. The red version of this bag looks like a girl, it is a gorgeous and fashionable route!
In fact, Candystud is a continuation of the Rockstud Spike series. The rivet part also uses the Micro Stud, with a very beautiful red color, giving a cool feeling of strong and rock.

Replica Valentino Handbags

Of course, Replica Valentino Bags red is the most advanced, this material is made of lambskin, with a full rhombic design, so that the bag has a particularly beautiful luster, making the red Candystud look extravagant. Also sharper is the classic black, very refined and advanced gas field, it seems to be much more exciting than the average black bag.

Valentino Rockstud Spike quilted leather handbag Red

In the Replica Valentino Handbags 2018 autumn and winter fashion show, in addition to the beautiful fairy skirt, the exquisite Rockstud series of rivet bags are also eye-catching, and the temperament of cool handsome and dream can be felt through the screen. The Valentino Rockstud Spike, launched in the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, is still active in fashion shows this year. The iconic studded elements and classic leather are paired with avant-garde and elegant style, which is the kind of bag that is deeply attracted at a glance. ! As a watch-resistant bag, this bag captures the hearts of many fashionable people! Fashion blogger Chriselle Lim had a black back on her back, and the elegance and lady’s temperament couldn’t stop it!

When it comes to Replica Valentino Bags, you will think of the most iconic design element – rivets, and its rivet bag is the hottest It bag, especially Valentino Rockstud Spike is called “the niece in the rivet” “Let the female stars and supermodels fall in love, the It bag in spring and summer is it!”

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Replica Valentino Handbags Rockstud Spike Small quilted leather handbag Red handbag is the new work of creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, which leads to the brand’s new creative direction. The handbag has a classic rectangular outline, the leather material is generous, the surface is crafted by the craftsman’s delicate quilting technique, and the rivets are inlaid to create a punk dot pattern. The regular arrangement makes the bag have a feminine femininity. The handle is located between the shoulder strap and the bag body, which is light and flexible. The handbag is full of new styles of rock and street personalized fashion.

Sweet sister Jessica Alba demonstrates the N matching style of this handbag as a true love powder. With the basic daily models, the style can be more neat, and put together with the feminine dress, it can also make the shape more flamboyant, sweet and not so boring. KK, the long-legged supermodel, can’t wait to carry it out of the street.

Replica Valention Handbags

Pink rivet bag, cool handsome and young girl, captured a group of Han Xing! Of course, the female star of Datian Dynasty does not show weakness. Domineering like Fan Ye, the queen of the goods, “Yang Mi”, and the fashion flower Song Jia have turned into their true love powder. Speaking of the Rockstud Spike handbag, this is also the new work of creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, in order to lead the brand’s new creative direction.

Rockstud Spike still follows the brand’s iconic pyramid rivets, but the size is smaller than before, and it has a matte effect. It looks like a cut diamond. It looks very blingbling from a distance, and it still has rivets in the near future. Cool feeling is inside. It turned out to be this bag of Replica Valentino Bags! Inlays are also more difficult. It is said that each Rockstud Spike bag requires experienced craftsmen to work for more than 6 hours. The tip of each rivet is smoothed and does not hold hands or worry about scratching the clothes.

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Originally Valentino’s bag, the rectangular appearance also gives this bag the largest use of space, using delicate quilting technology, and inlaid with fine rivets to form a punk dot pattern, exquisite and ingenious.

There is also a special place in the design of this bag, that is, the handle is placed between the shoulder strap and the bag body, which is very suitable for hand holding, and the chain can be single shoulder or shoe, and various back methods are very convenient.

Replica Valention Handbags

The Spike series has three sizes, large, medium and small, all designed with Nappa lambskin and durable! The large size is 30cm x 20cm x 18.5cm, and the capacity is still very large! The colors are more diverse, the eye-catching red is the most eye-catching, the classic black, the elegant nude color is very good, and we can choose one for each difficulty.

Get the fashion It Girl’s stars like the moon, the supermodel Frida Gustavsson took the clutch out of the show when the stunning moment has long been classic. Valentino’s rivet bag is soft and soft, with an eye-catching, warm color. Even with the tough metal rivets, the brand’s original femininity is still preserved.